It’s a life of crime for local author

The peaceful village of Swinefleet may seem an unlikely place for a successful crime novelist to find inspiration, but it’s where author Ray Clark (pictured) has lived and worked for the last 30 years.

Ray embarked on his writing career in 1995 and has an extensive back catalogue of published work to his name, some of which has been shortlisted for awards.

Explaining where his passion for writing began, he said: “I enjoyed writing at school but, like most kids, I’d start something and not finish it. It was when a read The Manitou by Graham Masterton – a book full of Indian legends – that my interest was piqued and it started from there.”

Although Ray initially wrote horror stories, his interest in crime writing was inspired by the work of bestselling author Peter James.

He explained: “I liked what Peter was doing with crime writing and – no pun intended – horror was a dying market. Peter has since become a good friend and opened lots of doors for me; he takes a real interest in my writing.”

When asked where ideas for the dark scenes in his novels come from, Ray revealed: “I’ve always had a good imagination, but I grew up watching Hammer horror films. In fact, I’ve just returned from Transylvania, where I enjoyed a good look around. Although it wasn’t quite like in the Hammer films, it was still very atmospheric!”

Ray’s first full length crime novel, Impurity, was published by Caliburn Press in 2016 and was followed by Imperfection in 2017 and Implant in 2018. 

His latest novel, Impression, has now been released by his UK publisher, The Book Folks. It sees detectives Stewart Gardener and Sean Reilly called out at midnight to a housing estate in Batley, where they discover the dead body of a young woman pinned to the floor with a bayonet. Before the investigation is underway, Gardener takes a call informing them that there is another dead body propped up in a shop doorway in Birstall, only three miles away. There’s a connection between the bodies, and that is only the beginning.

Impression is available in Kindle e-book and paperback formats from leading wholesalers, including Amazon. It can also be ordered from traditional and independent bookshops and  The Book Folks website.

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